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16 October 2014
Higher Still Intermediate - Modern Studies - Health and Wealth

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Health and Wealth
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Info page

This site delivers material for Higher Still Intermediate 1 and 2 Modern Studies students. Please note that the statistics chosen in this site may be out of date when the student comes to use them. However, there are suggested websites, where the student can get updated statistics.

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Learning Outcomes

Students should be able to do the following, if they work their way through all sections of the site:

1) understand the main issues concerning poverty and health in Scottish and UK society today.

2) interpret and explain information from graphs and charts.

3) use evidence to express a reasoned point of view.

Curriculum match

This website covers Study Theme 4 of Modern Studies Higher Intermediate 1 and 2 - Equality in Society: Health and Wealth. As well as looking at Poverty and Health needs in the UK today, the site articulates with Higher level themes 5 and 6 (Income and Wealth in the UK and Health Care I the UK). Teachers may wish to use the website as induction or introductory background for students who may be attempting Higher.

Further Studies

1) Choose one problem from those identified in the timeline and explain its effect on the NHS.
2) Write a brief paragraph describing the successes of the NHS since its beginning in 1948.
3) Choose one opinion from the timeline which interests you. What do you think? Write a brief summary of your point of view on your chosen opinion.

Health: What conclusions can you make from the trend in the numbers of old people in long stay hospitals?
Health: Describe the problems which may be experienced by someone on an NHS waiting list.
Wealth: Write a brief paragraph describing the main priorities in a typical family's spending.
Wealth: Summarise the trend in unemployment in Scotland since 1993.

Points of View:
Students can print off their own arguments and discuss them or give to the teacher for marking.

What is Poverty?:
Complete the sentence below to give your own personal definition of poverty:- "Poverty, for me, would mean…………………"

Case Study:
Study the possible solutions for Andy.
1) How realistic are these solutions?
2) Do you think Andy can get himself out of this scenario?

Navigation and structure of the site

The site is divided into two main sections - Health and Wealth. Students can work their way through each section individually in the suggested order, or in the order they choose themselves. The case study covers both Health and Wealth.

Downloads and plug-ins

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We appreciate knowing what you think of the site and welcome all comments and suggestions. If there's something in Higher Still Modern Studies you've found really useful, or a part of the site you found difficult to use, please let us know:

Other BBC Resources

This site is part of an integrated resource package and is accompanied by two television and two radio programmes. You can order these additional resources direct from:
BBC Education Scotland (Information)
Room 305
Broadcasting House
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Edinburgh EH2 1JF
Tel: 0131 248 4261 Fax: 0131 248 426
Alternatively, this site can stand alone as a learning and teaching aid.


Academic Consultants:
  • John McTaggart, Principal Teacher of Modern Studies, Boroughmuir High School, Edinburgh
  • Dougie McKenzie, Modern Studies Teacher, Boroughmuir High School, Edinburgh
  • Dr Richard Mitchell, University of Edinburgh Medical School

James Weir for playing the part of "Andy"

Statistics reproduced by kind permission of:

  • Office of National Statistics.
  • Scottish Executive National Statistics.
  • Information Statistics Division of Scottish Health on the web.

Additional photography by Clare Pearson

Photography by Clare Pearson © BBC 2001
Poverty Images © BBC 2001

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