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16 October 2014
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Irish in Scotland: songs
play 'Have You... (On the road to Kinlochleven, 1908)', by Patrick McGill

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Have you tramped about in winter, when your boots were minus soles?
Have you wandered sick and sorry with your pockets full of holes?
Have you wondered which was better, when your capital was light,
A plate of fish and taters or a hammock for the night?

Have you smelt the dainty odour of some swell refreshment shop,
When you'd give your soul in barter for a single mouldy chop?
Have you sought through half the kingdom for the job you could not get?
Have you eyed the city gutters for a stump of cigarette?

Verses from "Have You... (On the road to Kinlochleven, 1908)" by Patrick McGill

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