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16 October 2014
Immigrants & Exiles - Irish in Ireland

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comparison exercises: Irish in Scotland

Compare Sources A and B as evidence about Scottish attitudes to Irish immigrants in the 19th century.

source A
left border The Irish are among those labourers who do the most work for the lowest wage. In fact, we can ask ourselves whether Scots would put up with the work which the Irish are asked to do? Even although the Irish have great powers of endurance, this type of work soon ruins their health so they cannot work any more.

The Glasgow Examiner, 1834
right border
bottom border
source B
left border In Dumfriesshire and Galloway there are plenty of Irishmen ready to take the bread out of the mouths of our own poor. An Irishman who lives in a hovel, feeds on potatoes and neither clothes nor educates his children, can always work for less than a Scot. There are too many people who employ only the cheapest workers and do not think of the consequences.

The Dumfries Courier, 1845
right border
bottom border

Find evidence about this point of comparison:

Origin: where does the source come from?

source A
source B

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