Upland Limestone

Ray Wilkes
Yorkshire Dales Public Transport Users Group

Local support for public transport
Quite a lot of people have a lot of respect for the arguments we put forward. We haven’t pursued a narrow sectional interest of our members but we’ve tried to see how what we want could fit into the economic needs of people in rural areas. Consequently a lot of them have a lot of respect for us but there’s still a reluctance to take up our ideas completely. We think that we will win our arguments in the end because there’s so many practical demonstrations up and down the country that you can fill these rural buses with people if you do the job right.

Public Transport in the Future
Well we’d like to see good frequent bus services with the new buses in every Dale. And to see good quality information both in the form of timetables and on the internet. We’ve done quite a lot of work in publicising buses using the internet and we’ve got quite a popular and quite a well-respected site.