Upland Limestone

James Ogden
Rocking horse maker and restorer

Buses and public transport:
There are buses from Hawes to Northallerton. They run quite regularly during the day but we generally use the car because the journey’s about an hour and a bit and in the car it’s about 20 minutes, you see? I mean, I’ve used it a couple of times to go to Northallerton but I just jump in the car - it’s easier!

The impact of tourism:
On a weekend myself and Laura, we either go very early in the morning to Hawes to get an shopping we need or very late just before the shops shut because with the influx of tourists, especially on a Bank Holiday weekend, there isn’t a parking space, although we can get stickers for our cars where we can go and it’s free parking - the National Parks give you a sticker so you can park. But sometimes we just drive into the car park on the pay and display and quickly run in to the shops without getting money. You sometimes feel that there’s lots of tourists there so you have the right to park your car without getting a ticket!