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16 October 2014
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Economic Indicators
A High Infant Mortality Rate
A high infant mortality rate is a good indication that a country is a developing nation. Why is this? Put the puzzle together to understand the wider picture. Choose the pieces of the puzzle that you think contribute to a high infant mortality rate. There are six correct pieces to select. Simply click the buttons to choose each piece of the puzzle.
Jigsaw puzzle. Poor Medical Care.
Poor medical care – If there are no medicines to cure illnesses the number of infants dying can start to increase.
Jigsaw puzzle.  No day care.
No day care – With no proper day care working mothers can’t keep a proper eye on their children.
Jigsaw puzzle.  Disease
Disease – Children are particularly vulnerable to outbreaks of disease. Disease is a major killer of the young in developing countries.
Jigsaw puzzle.  Genetics
Genetics – Children in developing countries are genetically more likely to die young.
Jigsaw puzzle.  Few doctors
Few doctors – If a child becomes ill in rural areas the nearest doctor may be many kilometres away.
Jigsaw puzzle.  Control measures
Control measures – Parents will only look after the strongest of their children and let the weakest fend for themselves.
Jigsaw puzzle.  Poor nutrition
Poor nutrition – Poor families can’t afford enough food to go around. Hunger and poor diet is a major killer.
Jigsaw puzzle.  Accidents
Accidents – Developing countries don’t have safety regulations. As such more children die from accidental causes.
Jigsaw puzzle.  Superstition
Superstition – People in developing countries have their own customs for treating the ill and refuse to use modern medicines.
Jigsaw puzzle.  Natural disasters/war
Natural disasters/war – War and natural disasters affect everyone in a country or region young and old alike
Jigsaw puzzle.  Cultural
Cultural – In many developing countries, girls marry and have children at a young age. This can affect the health of their babies.
Jigsaw puzzle.  Medical policy
Medical policy – Doctors in developing countries refuse to treat very young patients. As a result a lot of children that are ill die.
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