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16 October 2014
Consider the Lilies

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 About the site
This site has been designed for students studying Intermediate English and aims to develop the skills needed to analyse, evaluate and respond critically to a novel. We focus on Consider the Lilies by Iain Crichton Smith as our example, but the skills and theory can be applied to any novel.
 Curriculum match
Intermediate 2
English: Literary Study
English: Personal Study

Although written primarily for Intermediate 2 students, the site may also be used as preparation for the literary or personal study sections of the Higher English syllabus.
 Site Structure
The site is composed of five sections; setting, structure, language, character and revision. These can be worked through in any order, although we would recommend tackling the revision section last.
This section aims to provide context for the action of the book. We look at the historical and geographical setting of the novel, before exploring how the social and cultural setting of the novel impacts on the story.
A timeline provides a visual overview of the novel's complex structure and helps students identify turning points in the story. Guided exercises demonstrate the effects and use of pace and flashback.
This section equips students with a vocabulary necessary for literary criticism, explores Crichton Smith's use of descriptive language and helps students identify voice and its impact in the novel.
Using a case study approach, this section takes an in-depth look at the character of Mrs Scott.
This is a chance to consolidate and practice literary criticism skills with a series of exam-style essay questions and points to consider.
 Further resources
This site is part of an integrated resource package and is accompanied by two television programmes. You can order these additional resources direct from:
BBC Education Scotland (Information)
Room 230
Broadcasting House
Queen Margaret Drive
G12 8DG
We'd like to know what you think of the site and welcome all comments and suggestions. If there's something in Consider the Lilies you've found really useful, or a part of the site you found difficult to use, please let us know by emailing us at
This site is best viewed in flash. If you don't have the flash plugin, you can download it free from the Macromedia website. If you've never downloaded anything before, please visit our help pages.
Please note that all images, audio and text in this site are copyright protected. For more information on what this means, please look at our terms of use.

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