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16 October 2014

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About the site

Intermediate History: Wallace and Bruce

This site has been written for students of Intermediate 2 History and covers the main events outlined in Scottish and British History: context 2 – Wallace, Bruce and the Wars of Independence 1286 – 1328.

Students are asked to assume the role of a medieval Scots noble and decide what action to take at key points in the story. Should they fight beside Wallace at Stirling Bridge? Should they switch sides and support Edward when it all starts to go wrong? By presenting these dilemmas and asking for a considered response, we hope to deepen students’ understanding of the issues and social standards of the day and go some way to explaining the behaviour and decisions of the main players.

Information is provided in a rich multimedia format for those with broadband access, and in a lighter bandwidth version for those accessing the site via a modem.

Although some of the video elements may take a short while to download, they will then be cached on your computer or server and should load more quickly on future occasions.

The synopsis provides an overview of the structure of the site and the key dates and events covered. It also allows you to navigate directly to different sections of the site.

We’d appreciate knowing what you think of the site and welcome all comments and suggestions. If there's something in History: Wallace and Bruce you've found really useful, or a part of the site you found difficult to use, please let us know by emailing us at

Production team
Academic consultant – Iain Rose, PT History, Lochaber High School, Fort William

Designer – Scott McCall

Client Side Developer – Ray Anderson

Production Co-ordinator – Victoria Young

Web Assistant – Tanya Carmichael

Producer - Bronwen Livingstone
Senior Producer - Elaine Maclean

Picture credits

Henry III & Parliament © Mary Evans Picture Library

Battle Cherbourg - Montebourg/Illum © akg-images / British Library

Ranks of Society © British Library

Edward I and his court © British Library

King John and King Philip © British Library

John Baliol before Edward I © British Library

King in parliament © British Library

Robert Bruce, King of Scots, before Edward III of England © Bibliotheque Nationale de France

Video credits

Narrator - William Barlow
Camera - Sandy Fraser
Video inserts filmed on location at Paisley Abbey
Voice - Neil Scott

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