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16 October 2014
Coastlines of the North East

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Coastlines of the North East

This site has been designed to cater for students at Intermediate and Higher level.

It complements two television programmes covering the same curriculum match, but is designed so that it can also be used as a stand-alone resource. For more details about the television programmes, see the Other BBC Resources section on this page.

  • Site remit
  • Learning outcomes
  • Curriculum match
  • Site structure
  • Learning experience
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Site remit

This site provides resources for the Physical Environments unit to cover aspects of points 2 and 3 of the Intermediate course, relating to coastal landscapes and section c) Lithosphere for the Higher course. The case study area is the North East coast of Scotland, one of the named areas pupils require for Intermediate assessments.

The site also covers Human Impact on the landscape, relating to the same area - this incorporates opportunities, restrictions, conflicts, solutions and their effectiveness.

The site is designed to encourage students to develop their knowledge and evaluation skills by presenting the case studies of conservation, leisure and development, and through easy-to-use activities.

Learning Outcomes

While the site does not aim to cover all of the outcomes for the unit it aims to meet the following learning objectives:

  • demonstrate knowledge and understanding of geographical features and processes;
  • provide examples and locations of these features;
  • identify opportunities and restrictions provided by the coastal landscape;
  • identify conflicts and possible solutions, and evaluate their effectiveness.

Curriculum match

The site features quiz questions on the content of each case study, appropriate for Intermediate and Higher students. At Higher the curriculum match is with Lithosphere within Physical Environments and Rural Land Resources within Environmental Interactions.

Site structure

The main body of the site comprises two sections, Physical Environment and Human Impact.

Physical Environment covers:

  • processes, including waves, weathering and erosion
  • features, including coastlines of erosion, coastlines of deposition and coastlines affected by sea level change

Human Impact covers:

  • issues of conservation at Forvie
  • issues of leisure at Balmedie
  • issues of development at Aberdeen

Site map

An overview of all the pages within the site.


Academic consultants - Elaine Anderson, Helen Taylor, Anne Wallace

Maps Illustrator - Grahame Gillespie

Web Design by Gecko New Media

Assistant Producer - Alistair Mooney

Producer - Sally Greig

Senior Producer - Elaine Maclean

Other BBC resources

This site is part of an integrated learning package, and is accompanied by two television programmes. For more information or to order copies, please contact:

BBC Education Scotland (Information)
Room 230
Broadcasting House
Queen Margaret Drive
Glasgow G12 8DG
Tel: 0141 338 1528
Fax: 0141 338 2759

Or visit for more information.

Technical help

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