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17 October 2014
Coastlines of the North East

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Human Impact

How does human activity impact upon the coastal landscape?

The way we live, work and play is influenced by the physical geography of the area in which we live. Our interaction with the environment also has an effect on our surroundings.

The coastline of North East Scotland offers many opportunities for those living in and visiting the area, but the nature of the landscape also means that people face restrictions in their activities.

When people and environment come together conflict will sometimes arise.

In this section we will look at some of the conflicts which have arisen along the North East coast, particularly issues affecting conservation, leisure and development.

We will consider

  • conflict – where and why have conflicts arisen?
  • solutions – what actions can we take to tackle conflicts?
  • effectiveness – how successful are these solutions in solving the problems created by human interaction with the environment?

In studying all these issues, it should be possible to assess what impact we have on the coastal environment and the actions we can take to limit the damage we cause.

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