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16 October 2014
Around Scotland - Scotland During the Second World War

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Anderson shelter
A bomb shelter made up from pieces of corrugated iron dug into the ground
Armed forces
the army, navy and air force
ARP warden
Air raid precautions warden
Barrage balloons
A series of balloons attached to the ground. They are usually strung together and hung with cables. They stop enemy aircraft making low level attacks
Black market
Items that have been stolen are sold on the "black market". This is an illegal practice and buyers do not need coupons to purchase the goods, only money.
A law making people hide all light at night
An air raid
The practice by the Government of deciding what information the British people get from sources such as the radio, newspapers and even letters
Small tickets to be exchanged for rationed foods and other items
Removal of people from one place to another
Gas mask
A mask worn to protect against gas attacks
National Savings Stamps
A savings scheme set up by the government to enable small amounts of money to be collected.
Prisoner of War
Fixed shares of food, clothes, and petrol which were in short supply
The system introduced by the Government to make sure that everyone receives a fair share of items in short supply
A machine that sends out a loud wailing sound as a warning
Pieces of metal that scatter on the ground after a bomb explodes
A hand delivered note. The fastest way of getting short messages to people overseas
Buildings which are several storeys high with lots of people living in them
Another name for a radio

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