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29 October 2014
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Technology - Things we wear

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  Below you will find the rationale behind the Technology- Things We Wear website.

The links below will allow you to jump to the relevant areas of the overview. At the end of each section, after the suggested follow up activities, you will find a link that will take you to the corresponding area of the flash site. If you want to access the html (interactive text) version of the site then click here.

The Basics
Which Fabric? What Colour?
How We Make Clothes
Make Your Own
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Make Your Own
In this section, the children are able to create a T-shirt design of their choice by selecting the material, style, collar, motif and other extras such as icons and logos. The teacher may choose to either use the in-built character requirements (Matt, Kenan and Holly) or to create specifications of their own (say a school top for an end of term event) for children to follow. The children can then compare their finished garment with the original specifications and evaluate how closely they match. Finally, children can print put their final T-shirt design for classroom display.

Learning Outcomes

  • Children will recognise that design specifications are a vehicle to allow technology to satisfy specific customer needs and wants.
  • Children will develop further experience of the range of materials and resources that may be used to create different solutions to particular design specifications.
  • Children will develop the skill of reviewing the quality of their work by reference to specific design criteria.
Suggested Follow-Up activities

  • Children could work in small teams and produce design criteria for each other, and then engage in peer review and evaluation of T-shirt designs.
  • Children could link this work with ongoing class topics - eg. design a top for use in the 1960s or 1970s or even earlier; design a new jersey for the school football team or for a specific pop, film or sports star. Why not design new fashions for David Beckham or for Kylie Minogue ?
  • The work could be linked to a whole-class enterprise project, whereby the children carry out market research for new school t-shirts. Specifications and drawings could be made and feedback taken from pupils in the school. Finally, children could make the T-shirts using appropriate tools and processes, and perhaps sell them at the school fayre.
  • Finally, children could learn a little about the resources and processes required for mass production, and how these differ from those required for smaller-scale work.
Now try Make Your Own.

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