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23 July 2014
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Safety rules


The contents of this section of the shared area relate only to the themes, subject and content of the television and on-line sites released to date. This section will expand as other programmes and sites are developed.

The following safety rules do not constitute a definitive 'must do' solution to providing a safe working environment. However, the ideas included are drawn from many sources and many years of experience. Therefore what follows is a sound basis from which to development rules and conditions that you feel best suits your school.

N.B. The more rules you have the more there are to police. Better have a few good rules kept then many that are broken. Many people believe it is best to develop rules with the children, rather than impose a set upon them.

  • Loose clothes and hair can be dangerous - tie it up, tuck it in and be checked out.
  • Protect those clothes and you - wear an apron or work-shirt.
  • When moving about. Never run - always walk.
  • Mark out together, cut alone - when working with materials.
  • Hold materials behind the cutting tool.
  • Don't cut yourself - cut the material. Never cut towards yourself.
  • Wash and go - always wash and dry your hands after a work session.
  • Help not hinder - each other and the teacher.

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