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16 October 2014
Technology - Things we wear

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What Colour? - Why those colours?
In some people's jobs, the colour of the clothes they wear is very important.
Scroll down the page to find out why these people wear the colours they do.

  Surgeon   Soldier   Policeman  
I wear light blues or greens because these soft colours are not as dazzling on my eyes under the bright lights.

Doctors and surgeons used to wear white as it looked clean and healthy. However, their eyes got very tired looking at white all day- especially under the bright lights of the operating room! Light green and blue were found to be more relaxing on their eyes as they didn't reflect as much light.
I wear camouflage because it makes me blend into the background from a distance.

The idea behind camouflage clothes comes from animals. Tigers, snakes and fish, in fact most animal families, use camouflage to hide. Camouflage clothes come in a variety of colours and styles to suit different surroundings. Brown and green patterns are used in forests, sandy yellows and coffee browns in deserts and white and greys in snowy areas.
I wear a luminous jacket because it shows up easily on dark days and at night which keeps me safe.

There are many jobs which the police do where it is important to be seen. These luminous jackets are worn at football matches and parades, and traffic officers wear them all the time. Luminous jackets make you stand out because of their bright colour and reflective strips.

Photo of surgeon courtesy of Dept. of Accident & Emergency Medicine at Southern General Hospital, Glasgow.


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