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19 January 2015
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Jacobites. The 1745 Rebellion

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Teachers Notes

This Website is a part of the BBC Scotland Education Around Scotland strand aimed at Primary 6 and 7 children at levels C & D in the topic People in the Past.

It covers the period of the 1745 Jacobite Rising from its inception to the defeat at Culloden and the repercussions for the people of the Highlands.

The aim of the site is to encourage pupils to examine historical information and use their judgement to make decisions about the course of action to be undertaken.

The full site is also available in Gaelic .

The site is best viewed using the Flash 8 plug-in but is also viewable in Flash 7.

The latest Flash plug-in can be downloaded free from the link below: -

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There is also a simple HTML version of the site for older computers without Flash and people using screen-reading software.

How To Use The Site

This website places the pupil in the role of the leader of the 1745 Jacobite Rising. The pupil can explore information presented on screen in the form of characters and correspondence and make the decisions that will determine the outcome of their Rising.

The site features depictions of key personalities from the period and draws on contemporary sources for the opinions and stories that they relate to.

The site features audio resources as well as text.


In each section there is an illustrated view. Moving the mouse from side to side reveals more of the scene. Clicking on characters and selectable objects brings up the relevant text and audio for that character or object.

Site Structure

The site is divided into three acts each with two chapters. There is also a final section that explores the aftermath of the 1745 Jacobite Rising. In total there are seven sections – each corresponding to an event or key point in the real 1745 Rising. The pupil can make the same decisions as the 1745 Jacobites or choose different options. The seven sections are: -

Act 1

Chapter 1: The start of the Rising. The pupils decide whether to risk starting a Highland rising with no support from the French.

Chapter 2: Prestonpans. The pupils have to decide whether to risk fighting the Government forces or wait for assistance from the French.

Act 2

Chapter 1: The invasion of England. The pupils have to decide whether to embark on a risky invasion of England or stay and defend Scotland.

Chapter 2: Derby. The pupils have to decide whether to advance on London or retreat back to Scotland.

Act 3

Chapter 1: The night march to Nairn. The pupils have to decide whether to embark on the controversial night march or wait for battle the next day.

Chapter 2: The battle of Culloden. The pupils have to make the choice of fighting the battle at Culloden or retreating to fight somewhere else.

The Aftermath

This section includes several characters who tell the user what happened to the people of the Highlands after the battle of Culloden.

Fact Book

In addition to these main sections there is a supplementary section called the Fact Book that contains a collection of brief facts about the major personalities involved in the 1745 Rising, the factors that led to the Rising, and information about Britain during this period.

Printable Report

At the end of each Act the pupil accesses a page where they can write a report (styled a letter home in the site) about what they have learnt and what they have accomplished in their campaign as leader of the Jacobites!

This can be saved for the duration of the time spent in the site and can also be printed out in printer-friendly form.

Syllabus Match

Environmental Studies: People in the Past


Level C

Level D

People, events and societies of significance in the past


Change and continuity, cause and effect


Time and historical sequence



The nature of historical evidence

Social Studies: Enquiry Skills


Level C

Level D

Preparing for tasks

Carrying out tasks

Reviewing and reporting on tasks



Lucy Conan : Senior Producer

Paul Adams : Producer

Scott McCall : Designer

Anthony McKale : Coder/Actionscript Programmer

Ray Anderson : HTML coder

Cris Walsh : HTML coder

David Meikle : Web Assistant

Iain Rose : Historical & educational Consultant

Rachel Budge : Illustrator

Image Credits

Thumbnail images from Scran

James Francis Stuart

The Duke of Cumberland

Flora MacDonald

Lord George Murray

Union Jack flag

James VII of Scotland

Queen Anne

King George I

French flag

Getty Images

Prince Charles Edward Stuart in Edinburgh, 1745

Charles Edward Stuart, 1780

Culloden Moor, 1754

Bonnie Prince Charlie, 1754

Jacobite Retreat, 1754

Music Credits

Lament for Maggie, from the album Scotland (BRR29), Bruton Music.

Video Sequences

From the BBC TV series Battlefield Britain: Culloden.


The following links may be interesting for those seeking further information or resources about this period.

Digitised Scottish historical documents including The Lyon in Mourning – accounts of the aftermath of the 1745 Jacobite Rising:

A detailed history of the Jacobite cause that explains its root causes of the Glorious Revolution through to the bitter end at Culloden.

An in-depth resource that includes details of the military campaigns and their participants:

Collected accounts of the lead up to the battle of Culloden, the battle itself and the aftermath:

The National Trust for Scotland resource page featuring resources about the Jacobites:

A collection of educational websites about the Act of Union and the Jacobite Rebellion from Learning and Teaching Scotland:

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