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21 October 2014
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Jacobites. The 1745 Rebellion

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Fact Book: Britain and France at War

There was another reason why the Jacobite rising of 1745 happened as well. Britain's greatest enemy at this time was France. In the 1740s the two countries were at war. The French decided to help the Jacobites. Why was this?

  • The French king liked the Stuarts. They were Roman Catholic just like he was
  • The Stuarts were Scottish and Scotland had been good friends with France for hundreds of years
  • The French King thought that the Stuarts were the true kings of England and Scotland not Protestant Germans!

There were other, more secret reasons, for the French supporting the Jacobites though.

  • If the Jacobites started a rebellion, the British would have to send troops to fight them. This would mean there would be fewer British soldiers fighting the French!
  • If the Jacobites won France would have a good friend as the new King of Britain. The Stuarts would probably fight with France rather than against it

When the Jacobites had invaded England the French did plan to help by invading England as well. It was only the British navy and nasty British weather than stopped that!


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