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19 January 2015
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Jacobites. The 1745 Rebellion

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Edinburgh, 1745. You now control Scotland.

What will you do now? Invade England or defend Scotland?


Lord George Murray, Jacobite Army General

We have Scotland – who cares about England! The Government will come and attack us so we must get more men and defend it! Invading England would be madness! Our army isn't big enough and the French won't send us troops!


John O'Sullivan, Jacobite Army Officer

We must go on! The Government's armies are fighting abroad. If we invade now English Jacobites will join us and we could take London! If we do that we've won! We get the crown back for your father!


Letter to an English Newspaper

To the editor of the Gentleman's Quarterly: Dear sir, All of London is in fear of the Jacobite rebels. They have defeated our glorious army in Scotland and now there is little to stop them attacking England. This is a most serious situation! The only answer is for His Majesty King George's son, the Duke of Cumberland, to return from Europe with his army to teach these rebellious Scots a lesson! How much longer shall we have to wait? Yours sincerely, Worried from London.


Letter to you from the French

To Prince Charles Stuart. Your Royal Highness, Thank you for your last letter. We are very pleased to hear of your success. We promise that we will send money and soldiers soon. But the war in Europe is keeping us very busy. Please tell us if you intend to invade England. We would welcome the chance to invade too and help put your father back on the throne.


Portrait of your grandfather, James VII of Scotland

James Stuart was King James VII of Scotland and King James II of England. He was not a very popular King. In 1688 some people in the English Parliament asked James's daughter Mary and her Dutch husband William to come to England and replace James. James escaped to France and William and Mary became rulers of England and Scotland. James' supporters were called Jacobites since his name in Latin was Jacobus. He died in 1701.


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