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19 January 2015
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Jacobites. The 1745 Rebellion

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France, 1745. A Jacobite rising begins?

Illustration of a room as seen through the eyes of Bonnie Prince Charlie.


Lord George Murray, Jacobite Army General

Your Majesty, planning a Jacobite rising to put your father back on the throne is foolish. We need soldiers, weapons and money – and right now we don't have any. If you go to Scotland empty handed the rebellion will fail! We need the French to help us. We MUST wait for the French! We should STAY!


John O'Sullivan, Jacobite Army Officer

Your Majesty, if we wait for the French to help us get your father's crown back we'll be waiting a very long time. We should start the rising now! The British are at war with France – all their armies are fighting in Europe! If we show the French that we are serious they WILL support us! We MUST go to Scotland!


Letter in favour of the Stuarts

Your Majesty, I am a loyal subject from Manchester. My family have supported the Stuarts for many years. It has been terrible since your grandfather, good King James, was sent abroad by our wicked Parliament. The thought of foreign kings on the thrones of England and Scotland makes me sick! First we had a Dutch king and now we have a German one! He doesn't even speak English! Your father is the true king! I eagerly await the return of the Stuarts to their rightful place as Kings of Britain! I am, sir, at your service. Yours, Thomas Appleby.


Letter against the Stuarts

Dear Sir, I am a citizen of Glasgow. Rumours are spreading in our great city that the Stuarts are planning a return to Scotland. I hope that this is not the case. Scotland has been a far better place since your family left. We are now a proud nation united with England as Great Britain. We have never been wealthier, more powerful or more respected throughout the world. We owe this to sensible leaders. To our shame, the Stuarts have brought misery, and civil war upon us. Please do Scotland the honour of staying in France! Yours, Douglas Melville.


Portrait of your father James Francis Stuart

James Francis Stuart was the son of King James VII of Scotland (James II of England) – the last Stuart king. Many people still thought James Francis was the true King of England and Scotland. His nicknamed was the "Old Pretender because he had a claim to the thrones of England and Scotland. His son, Charles Edward Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charlie) was nicknamed the "Young Pretender". James Francis tried his own Jacobite rising in 1715 but it failed before it had really started.


Globe of the World

By 1745 Great Britain was one of the most powerful nations in the world. It had a large empire and had become very wealthy through trade. It also had a very large army and navy. During the 1740's Britain had been at war with its most feared enemy – France. The French promised to support the Jacobite rising in Britain.


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