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16 October 2014

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Site Comments Tell us the results of your classroom vote.
Violent cartoons.
5 messages

We had a vote on cartoons being too violent. 15 people in our class thought they weren't too violent and 9 people thought they were. I don't think they are. What does everyone else think?

Ross from Edinburgh. Posted 26/03/2004
3 messages

Every term we choose represenatives. I don't go for them all, so when I vote I look at others decisions. They all choose their friends. I think the best candidate should win, not best friends all the time.

Unknown from London. Posted 23/08/2004
results in our class
2 messages

we had a vote on violent behaviour of youths and we all agree that they should be delt with more strictly.

jasmine brooks from godalming. Posted 13/04/2005
1 message

Our class had a vote on swearing. We all that swearing should stop. Except four children. they said people can swear if they want it's not are dicision if people swear what do you think?

LAURA from GRETTON. Posted 23/06/2007
Healthy Foods
1 message

If your school provides non healthy foods and healthy foods, but at home the parents supply the child with only non healthy foods, is it the childs fault that they dont choose to eat the healthy foods at the school but eat the non healthy foods? Is it the childs fault for eating+choosing that particular food and not eating anything that might be healthier for him/her or is it the parents fault for only suppliying the child with non healthy foods? So he/she has no choice but to eat the foods that are in the house.

holly from salisbury. Posted 21/06/2007

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