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19 September 2014

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download the audioTimes 1 (mp3)

One o'clockUair
Two o'clockDà uair
Three o'clockTrì uairean
Four o'clockCeithir uairean
Five o'clockCòig uairean
Six o'clockSia uairean
Seven o'clockSeachd uairean
Eight o'clockOchd uairean
Nine o'clockNaoi uairean
Ten o'clockDeich uairean
Eleven o'clockAon uair deug
Twelve o'clockDà uair dheug

download the audioTimes 2 (mp3)

Quarter to oneCairteal gu uair
Quarter past oneCairteal an dèidh uair
Half past oneLethuair an dèidh uair
Quarter to twoCairteal gu dhà
Quarter past twoCairteal an dèidh dhà
Half past twoLethuair an dèidh dhà
Quarter to threeCairteal gu trì
Quarter past threeCairteal an dèidh trì
Half past threeLethuair an dèidh trì
Quarter to fourCairteal gu ceithir
Quarter past fourCairteal an dèidh ceithir
Half past fourLethuair an dèidh ceithir
Quarter to fiveCairteal gu còig
Quarter past fiveCairteal an dèidh còig
Half past fiveLethuair an dèidh còig
Quarter to sixCairteal gu sia
Quarter past sixCairteal an dèidh sia
Half past sixLethuair an dèidh sia
Quarter to sevenCairteal gu seachd
Quarter past sevenCairteal an dèidh seachd
Half past sevenLethuair an dèidh seachd
Quarter to eightCairteal gu ochd
Quarter past eightCairteal an dèidh ochd
Half past eightLethuair an dèidh ochd
Quarter to nineCairteal gu naoi
Quarter past nineCairteal an dèidh naoi
Half past nineLethuair an dèidh naoi
Quarter to tenCairteal gu deich
Quarter past tenCairteal an dèidh deich
Half past tenLethuair an dèidh deich
Quarter to elevenCairteal gu aon uair deug
Quarter past elevenCairteal an dèidh aon uair deug
Half past elevenLethuair an dèidh aon uair deug
Quarter to twelveCairteal gu dà uair dheug
Quarter past twelveCairteal an dèidh dà uair dheug
Half past twelveLethuair an dèidh dà uair dheug
Quarter to middayCairteal gu meadhan-latha
Quarter past middayCairteal an dèidh meadhan-latha
Half past middayLethuair an dèidh meadhan-latha
Quarter to midnightCairteal gu meadhan-oidhche
Quarter past midnightCairteal an dèidh meadhan-oidhche
Half past midnightLethuair an dèidh meadhan-oidhche

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