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19 September 2014

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Colin needs to clear his tab at Allen's garage. No money = no fuel. Splash the cash!

download the audioPounds (mp3)

£2Dà not
£3Trì notaichean
£4Ceithir notaichean
£5Còig notaichean
£6Sia notaichean
£7Seachd notaichean
£8Ochd notaichean
£9Naoi notaichean
£10Deich notaichean
£15Còig nota deug
£20Fichead not
£25Fichead not 's a còig

download the audioPence (mp3)

2PDà sgillinn
3PTrì sgillinn
5PCòig sgillinn
10PDeich sgillinn
20PFichead sgillinn
25PFichead sgillinn 's a còig
30PTrìthead sgillinn
40PCeathrad sgillinn
50PCaogad sgillinn
60PSeasgad sgillinn
65pSeasgad sgillinn 's a còig
70PSeachdad sgillinn
80POchdad sgillinn
90PNaochad sgillinn

download the audioMoney (mp3)

£1.20Not agus fichead sgillinn
£1.50Not agus caogad sgillinn
£2.30Dà not agus trìthead sgillinn
£3.40Trì notaichean agus ceathrad sgillinn
£3.65Trì notaichean seasgad sgillinn 's a còig
£3.75Trì notaichean seachdad sgillinn 's a còig
£4.50Ceithir notaichean agus caogad sgillinn
£5.55Còig notaichean caogad sgillinn 's a còig
£6.60Sia notaichean agus seasgad sgillinn
£7.10Seachd notaichean agus deich sgillinn
£8.45Ochd notaichean ceathrad sgillinn 's a còig
£9.63Naoi notaichean seasgad sgillinn 's a trì
£10.70Deich notaichean agus seachdad sgillinn
£20.50Fichead not agus caogad sgillinn

footnotesDecimal and traditional Gaelic counting systems: The numbers in this game are in the form of the decimal Gaelic counting system, now taught in Gaelic-medium education.

Traditionally, counting in Gaelic was based on sets of twenty. Forty would therefore be "dà fhichead" (two twenties), thirty "deich ar fhichead" (Lit. ten past twenty) and so on. You will hear both systems being used by Gaelic speakers so it is helpful to recognise both. The Numbers game lists the numerals 1-50 in the decimal form. To find out more about the traditional counting system, visit the Beag air Bheag Gaelic learning site at and select section 8.

After two, twenty, one hundred and one thousand: You may have noticed that after "dà" (two) the noun stays in its singular form and lenition occurs ("h" is inserted after the first vowel softening the word sound.) Nouns also retain their singular form after the numbers twenty, one hundred and one thousand.

For example: Dà not - two pounds, fichead not - twenty pounds but trì notaichean - three pounds.

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