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This page has been archived and is no longer updated. Find out more about page archiving.

19 September 2014

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Likes and dislikes - Pet hates
Colin, desperate in his bid to get Frankie, has sent Cumberland on a reconnaissance mission to find out what she likes and dislikes so he can approach her in a more mature, masculine manner.

download the audioI like ... (mp3)

I like reading'S toigh leam leughadh
I like pizza'S toigh leam pizza
I like spaghetti'S toigh leam spaghetti
I like steak 'S toigh leam stèic
I like chips'S toigh leam sliseagan
I like vodka and coke'S toigh leam bhodca agus coke
I like lager'S toigh leam làgar
I like opera'S toigh leam opara
I like fish'S toigh leam iasg
I like gardening'S toigh leam obair gàrraidh

download the audioI don't like ... (mp3)

I don't like pastaCha toigh leam pasta
I don't like gin and tonicCha toigh leam gin agus tonic
I don't like curryCha toigh leam coiridh
I don't like saladCha toigh leam sailead
I don't like lemonadeCha toigh leam deoch-liomaid
I don't like tennisCha toigh leam teanas
I don't like filmsCha toigh leam filmichean
I don't like rugbyCha toigh leam rugbaidh
I don't like tomatoesCha toigh leam tomàtothan

footnotesDo you like? Now that you know how to say that you like or don't like something, you may want to ask someone else the question Do you like? To do this you would say: An toigh leat ___? In the singular, informal form or An toigh leibh? if using the plural or formal form.

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