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19 September 2014

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How many have you got?
To Colin's horror, Cumberland has volunteered him for the TV game show 'How many have you got?' Will his lack of language knowledge be exposed in front of all on national TV? Does he know how many he has?

download the audioI've got a ... (mp3)

I've got a pencil Tha peansail agam
I've got a bookTha leabhar agam
I've got a dogTha cù agam
I've got a catTha cat agam
I've got a car Tha càr agam
I've got money Tha airgead agam
I've got a match Tha maids agam
I've got wineTha fìon agam
I've got paperTha pàipear agam
I've got a computerTha coimpiutair agam
I've got a phoneTha fòn agam
I've got a drinkTha deoch agam
I've got a tableTha bòrd agam
I've got a pintTha pinnt agam

download the audioI've got ... (mp3)

I've got two pencils Tha dà pheansail agam
I've got two books Tha dà leabhar agam
I've got two cars Tha dà chàr agam
I've got two computers Tha dà choimpiutair agam
I've got two tablesTha dà bhòrd agam
I've got three dogsTha trì coin agam
I've got three cats Tha trì cait agam
I've got three pints Tha trì pinntean agam
I've got three phonesTha trì fònaichean agam
I've got three forksTha trì forcaichean agam
I've got four matches Tha ceithir maidsichean agam
I've got four drinksTha ceithir deochan agam
I've got four glasses of wine Tha ceithir glainnichean fìon agam
I've got four papersTha ceithir pàipearan agam

footnotesI have..."at me": The word agam appears in this game in the construction Tha ___ agam (I have ___). Agam literally means "at me".

Here, in the singular form, it is made by combining "aig" (at) and "mi" (me). For the plural form, "aig" (at) and "sinne" (us) are combined to make againn. A bheil ___ againn?

A similar combination is used in the What have you got? game. A bheil ___ agad? (Lit. Do you have___ "at you"?

How many? You may have noticed that after "dà" (two) the noun stays in its singular form and lenition occurs. To lenite, an h is inserted as the second letter after certain consonants: b, c, d, f, g, m, p, s and t, softening the word's sound. Vowels do not take lenition. There are further examples of this in the Drinks: last orders game.

Nouns also retain their singular form after the numbers twenty, one hundred and one thousand. Examples of this is found in the Splash the cash money game.

For instance: dà not - two pounds, fichead not - twenty pounds but trì notaichean - three pounds.

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