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This page has been archived and is no longer updated. Find out more about page archiving.

19 September 2014

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Clothes and Colour
To Colin's horror, he's unintentionally volunteered for a community care programme. He's up to his ears in Betty's underwear, sorting washing and helping her dress. How will he get his head round all these items!

download the audioClothes (mp3)


download the audioColours (mp3)


download the audioColours and Clothes (mp3)

Colours and clothesAodach agus Dathan
white pantsdrathars gheal
white shirtlèine gheal
white jumpergeansaidh geal
white braseacaid-bheag gheal
white blouse blobhsa geal
white hatad gheal
white socksstocainnean geala
white glovesmiotagan geala
white trousersbriogais gheal
white coatcòta geal
white skirtsgiorta gheal
white dressdreasa gheal
white scarfstoca gheal
white t-shirtlèine-t gheal

download the audioRed Clothes (mp3)

red pantsdrathars dhearg
red shirtlèine dhearg
red jumpergeansaidh dearg
red braseacaid-bheag dhearg
red blouseblobhsa dearg
red hatad dhearg
red socksstocainnean dearga
red glovesmiotagan dearga
red trousersbriogais dhearg
red coatcòta dearg
red skirtsgiorta dhearg
red dressdreasa dhearg
red scarfstoca dhearg
red t-shirtlèine-t dhearg

download the audioGreen Clothes (mp3)

green pantsdrathars uaine
green shirt lèine uaine
green jumpergeansaidh uaine
green braseacaid-bheag uaine
green blouseblobhsa uaine
green hatad uaine
green socksstocainnean uaine
green glovesmiotagan uaine
green trousers briogais uaine
green coatcòta uaine
green skirtsgiorta uaine
green dressdreasa uaine
green scarfstoca uaine
green t-shirtlèine-t uaine

download the audioYellow Clothes (mp3)

yellow pantsdrathars bhuidhe
yellow shirt lèine bhuidhe
yellow jumpergeansaidh buidhe
yellow braseacaid-bheag bhuidhe
yellow blouse blobhsa buidhe
yellow hatad bhuidhe
yellow socksstocainnean buidhe
yellow glovesmiotagan buidhe
yellow trousersbriogais bhuidhe
yellow coatcòta buidhe
yellow skirtsgiorta bhuidhe
yellow dressdreasa bhuidhe
yellow scarfstoca bhuidhe
yellow t-shirtlèine-t bhuidhe

download the audioBlack Clothes (mp3)

black pantsdrathars dhubh
black shirtlèine dhubh
black jumpergeansaidh dubh
black blouseblobhsa dubh
black hatad dhubh
black socksstocainnean dubha
black glovesmiotagan dubha
black trousersbriogais dhubh
black coatcòta dubh
black skirtsgiorta dhubh
black dressdreasa dhubh
black scarfstoca dhubh
black t-shirtlèine-t dhubh

footnotesBlue or Grey? There are regional differences in the words used to describe the colours grey and blue in Gaelic. Blue is called gorm in some areas and liath in others. Grey likewise is called liath or glas by Gaelic speakers from different areas.

Masculine or feminine? You may have noticed that lenition occurs in the names of some of the colours following items of clothing in this game. To lenite, an h is inserted as the second letter after certain consonants: b, c, d, f, g, m, p, s and t. This happens if the item of clothing is a feminine noun. Therefore còta dubh but drathars dhubh. It is not dependent on whether the item of clothing is for a male or a female.

Words which begin with vowels do not take lenition, hence lèine uaine. Most Gaelic dictionaries indicate whether nouns are masculine or feminine.

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