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19 September 2014

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Asking personal questions
Colin has to dub audio onto a series of Vox Pops asking people about where they live and what they do. Here's his questions and their answers.

download the audioWhat's your name? (mp3)

What's your name?Dè an t-ainm a th' ort?
I'm JohnIs mise Iain
I'm ElizabethIs mise Ealasaid
I'm MaryIs mise Màiri
I'm JamesIs mise Seumas
I'm ChristinaIs mise Cairistiòna
I'm AnneIs mise Anna
I'm WilliamIs mise Uilleam
I'm PaulIs mise Pòl
I'm HelenIs mise Eilidh
I'm DavidIs mise Daibhidh

download the audioWhere are you from? (mp3)

Where are you from?Co às a tha thu?
I'm from GlasgowTha mi à Glaschu
I'm from DundeeTha mi à Dùn Deagh
I'm from InvernessTha mi à Inbhir Nis
I'm from PerthTha mi à Peairt
I'm from StirlingTha mi à Sruighlea
I'm from StornowayTha mi à Steòrnabhagh
I'm from FifeTha mi à Fìobha
I'm from PaisleyTha mi à Pàislig
I'm from LondonTha mi à Lunnainn
I'm from AberdeenTha mi à Obar Dheathain

download the audioWhat do you do? (mp3)

What do you do?Dè an obair a th' agad?
I'm a doctor'S e dotair a th' annam
I work in a shopTha mi ag obair ann am bùth
I'm a teacher'S e tidsear a th' annam
I work in a garageTha mi ag obair ann an garaids
I work in a clubTha mi ag obair ann an club
I'm a dentist'S e fiaclair a th' annam
I work on a boatTha mi ag obair air bàta
I work in a schoolTha mi ag obair ann an sgoil
I work in a cinemaTha mi ag obair ann an taigh-dhealbh
I'm a nurse'S e nurs a th' annam

download the audioDo you like this place? (mp3)

Do you like this place?An toigh leat an t-àite seo?
"No, I don't like this place."Cha toigh leam an t-àite seo.
"Yes, I like this place."'S toigh leam an t-àite seo.

footnotesAnn an or ann am?: Through this game, in the answers relating to places of work, you may have noticed that "ann" (in) is sometimes followed by "am" and sometimes by "an".

E.g. ann am bùth - in a shop but ann an oifis - in an office.

Which to use is determined by the following letters b, p, m, and f. "Am" is used before these letters and "an" before others.

There are also examples of this in Places of work. 'S e and tha: In Gaelic the words yes and no cannot always be expressed as "Tha" and "Chan eil". Positive and negative responses must sometimes bring in inflection of the verb. This can be seen through this game: Tha mi ag obair... - I work... but 'S e dotair a th' annam. - I am a doctor. Other examples of this can be found in the game Night on the town.

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