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19 September 2014

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Alibi - Where were you?
Colin, sneaking in after a night on the tiles, finds himself the subject of Betty's torch-lit interrogation! Colin finds himself stuck for words, here are some of his answers.

download the audioWhere were you? (mp3)

Where were you at eleven o'clock last night?Càite an robh thu aig aon uair deug a-raoir?
I was at a partyBha mi aig pàrtaidh
I was at a danceBha mi aig dannsa
I was at a concertBha mi aig cuirm-chiùil
I was having a curryBha mi a' gabhail coiridh
I was readingBha mi a' leughadh
I was in the town hallBha mi ann an talla a' bhaile
I was in bedBha mi anns a' leabaidh
I was watching tvBha mi a' coimhead TBh
I was workingBha mi ag obair
I was in the toilet Bha mi anns an taigh-bheag
I was with youBha mi còmhla riut fhèin
I was having my breakfastBha mi a' gabhail mo bhracaist
I was getting drunkBha mi a' gabhail smùid
I was with a womanBha mi còmhla ri boireannach

download the audioWho was with you? (mp3)

Who was with you?Cò bha còmhla riut?
I was in the pub with friendsBha mi anns an taigh-sheinnse còmhla ri caraidean
I was in the park with CumberlandBha mi anns a' phàirc còmhla ri Cumberland
I was in bed, aloneBha mi anns an leabaidh, leam fhìn
I was dancing with the boysBha mi a' dannsa còmhla ri na balaich
I was playing football with my friendsBha mi a' cluich ball-coise còmhla ri mo charaidean
I was going home with my dogBha mi a' dol dhachaigh le mo chù
I was having dinner aloneBha mi a' gabhail dìnnear, leam fhìn
I was playing cards with the boysBha mi a' cluich chairtean còmhla ri na balaich
I was in a restaurant with a womanBha mi ann an taigh-bìdh còmhla ri boireannach
I was in the toilet, aloneBha mi anns an taigh-bheag, leam fhìn
I was having breakfast with DaveBha mi a' gabhail bracaist còmhla ri Dave
I was getting drunk with friendsBha mi a' gabhail smùid còmhla ri caraidean
I was on a date with a womanBha mi air deit còmhla ri boireannach
I was watching a film with CumberlandBha mi a' coimhead film còmhla ri Cumberland

footnotes This game teaches two key questions and the appropriate response structure:

Q1. Càite an robh thu? - Where were you? A1. Bha mi... - I was... Q2. Cò bha còmhla riut? - Who was with you? A2. Bha mi còmhla ri ___ - I was with___. Also demonstrated in this game is the construction Q2b. I was___ with____ - e.g. I was dancing with the boys - Bha mi a' dannsa còmhla ri na balaich.

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