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Brainsmart Games

Name that number

Got a head for figures? PIN numbers, dates from history, birthdays?

In this game, you'll be shown pictures, each with a unique number. Memorise which picture goes with which number - because after you'll be shown the pictures one by one, out of order.

Play the game

Improve your score by learning a simple technique that makes numbers more memorable.

Objects in order

Reckon you’re good at remembering lists?

In this game, you’ll be shown a series of objects – all you need to do is remember them in the right order.

Play the game

Improve your score by learning a simple technique for remembering lists of items.


How to play the game

This game tests how good you are at putting a name to a face:

  • Look at each photo and try to remember their name.
  • Click 'test me' when you think you've learnt them.
  • But remember to watch your spelling...

You can improve your score by learning this technique:

cartoon face

Never forget a face

Remember names and faces with ease.

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