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Teacsa a-mhàin
365 days... 4 seasons... lots of fun... come and learn some Gaelic... Air Splaoid!  

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An toil leat an duilleag-sa?
Cuir gu caraid i!


Episode 10 : "Shinty Shenanigans!"

October 2007


Seanair and Morag are sitting on a wooden bench in a park with Brochan sitting between them. Morag has her trusty flask with her. Nearby, Munro and Melodaidh hit a shinty ball back and forth between them as the others look on.

Munro hits the ball and it trickles along the ground to Melodaidh. When Melodaidh hits the ball back to Munro, she hits it much harder and it flies over Munro’s head.

MORAG : Great shot, Melodaidh! That went miles. You’re a real star at the shinty.

MUNRO : Hey, I could have easily hit it that far, I just wasn’t trying.

Melodaidh laughs, teasing him.

MELODAIDH : Sure thing, sport... give it your best shot!

Munro scowls and takes a massive swing that knocks him off his feet. He slices the ball and it sails off in the wrong direction, just missing Morag and Seanair, and landing in some overgrown grass and bushes.

MORAG : Nice one, Munro! We’ll never find the ball in there now.

Munro blushes... he realises he’s spoiled their fun.

SEANAIR : Don’t worry lad, Brochan can help out.

Brochan looks surprised at this!

SEANAIR (to Brochan) : Go fetch, Brochan.

Brochan disappears into the undergrowth.

SEANAIR : Och, he’ll find it. When he was a pup he used to love fetching sticks as we tramped the hills together.

Although he is hidden in the grass, they hear Brochan whine.

SEANAIR : See... he’s got it!

Brochan proudly trots out of the undergrowth with Dwelly in his mouth.

DWELLY : (in Gaelic) Leig às mi! Dè tha e ag iarraidh? (Put me down! What does he want?)

Everybody laughs as Brochan spits out the furious Dwelly!

MORAG : (in Gaelic) Tha e ag iarraidh am ball againn (He wants our ball)

DWELLY : (in Gaelic) Oh, a bheil? (Oh, really?)

He SNAPS his fingers and it rains down shinty balls, sending everybody diving for cover.

DWELLY : (in Gaelic, cheekily) ’S e ’m balach Dwelly! (Don’t mess with Dwelly!)

(laughs) Next month you’ll all be in a spin... cèilidh dancing!

One of the shinty balls hits Dwelly on the head and sends him corkscrewing into the ground.

Gaelic used in this episode

Leig às mi! Dè tha e ag iarraidh? - Put me down! What does he want?

Tha e ag iarraidh am ball againn - He wants our ball

Oh, a bheil? - Oh, really?

’S e am balach Dwelly! - Don’t mess with Dwelly!

The End

The fun continues next month. Make sure you turn on and tune in then for another cèilidh dancing episode of Air Splaoid!

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