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Teacsa a-mhàin
365 days... 4 seasons... lots of fun... come and learn some Gaelic... Air Splaoid!  

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An toil leat an duilleag-sa?
Cuir gu caraid i!


Episode 11 : "In the mood for dancing!"

November 2007


There’s a cèilidh dance in the village hall, featuring an accordion, drums, fiddle and BROCHAN masterfully playing a keyboard by trotting along the keys. They play a ‘Strip the Willow’.

SEANAIR and MORAG, confident dancers, want to teach MUNRO and MELODAIDH the traditional cèilidh moves.

SEANAIR (dances with Melodaidh) : Nothing better than a good cèilidh tune.

(to Munro) Isn’t that right, Munro?

MORAG : Pay attention, Munro.

Munro doesn’t pay attention. He listens to indie/rock on his iPod, moving in an entirely different rhythm to the music played in the hall.

MELODAIDH (to Munro) : I hope I’m getting your attention, mate.

Munro blushes, avoiding eye contact.

SEANAIR (to Munro and Melodaidh) : The two of you make a fine couple.

Munro looks excruciatingly embarrassed

MUNRO : Grandad...

Melodaidh locks arms with Munro and spins round with him at high speed but she starts to lose her grip on her dance partner. Munro goes flying and lands on the floor only to be lifted up by Dwelly.

DWELLY : (in Gaelic) Nach eil thu a’ dannsa? (Are you not dancing?)

SEANAIR : (in Gaelic) An e dannsair a th’ annadsa, Dwelly? (A bit of a dancer, Dwelly?)

DWELLY : (popping out of the floor, and squeezing Seanair’s nose)

A great one! A free dancing lesson for you all - watch and learn.

He begins to pirouette at an increasing speed, hopping on his one leg.

MUNRO : Dwelly’s a terrible dancer, but no one could say he’s got two left feet.

Everyone laughs as Dwelly spins away pinballing around the dance floor.

DWELLY (CONT’D) : I’ll see you next month for one final challenge...

(laughs menacingly)

... we’ll see who’ll be laughing last!

His manic dancing has left him standing by a door, which is flung open squashing him … flat … against the wall.

(in Gaelic) ’S e ’m balach Dwelly! (Don’t mess with Dwelly!)

Gaelic used in this episode

Nach eil thu a’ dannsa? - Are you not dancing?

An e dannsair a th’ annadsa, Dwelly? - A bit of a dancer, Dwelly?

’S e am balach Dwelly! - Don’t mess with Dwelly!

Cèilidh - Visit, but commonly used to mean a dance or informal musical event.

The End

The fun continues next month. Make sure you turn on and tune in then for another episode of Air Splaoid!

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