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Teacsa a-mhàin
365 days... 4 seasons... lots of fun... come and learn some Gaelic... Air Splaoid!  

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Mun BhBC

Ur Beachdan


An toil leat an duilleag-sa?
Cuir gu caraid i!


Episode 5 : Basket cases

May 2007


On a beautiful May evening at a large Estate by the water, our group take part in a BASKET MAKING COMPETITION. They’re busy building a HUGE abstract-looking SCULPTURE made of willow. MORAG stands on a ladder, adding a spiky section to the top of the sculpture.

MORAG : (sips some tea) Mmm... With this bit on, it looks like a stag’s head.

SEANAIR: Well, I’ve climbed almost every Munro in Scotland, not that I count, but I’ve never seen a deer with a head that looked like that!

MELODAIDH: Seanair’s right... it just looks like a big blob to me.

Munro sits down and pulls out one of his earphones.

MUNRO: I’ve been waiting five hours... Can I set it on fire now?

MORAG: It sort of looks like a sheep.
Brochan spots a rabbit and leaps out of Seanair’s arms, knocking the sculpture sideways.

Seanair’s interrupted when Brochan spots a rabbit and leaps out of his arms, where he is being petted, knocking the sculpture sideways as he does so.

MUNRO: (jumps to his feet) Hold on...

He picks a flower, clambers on the statue and sticks it on top. Everyone recoils in surprise.

MORAG & MELODAIDH: (together) It’s Dwelly!

Munro smiles cheekily, strikes a match and throws it at the sculpture. Fierce flames immediately take hold of the sculpture. As he steps back a flower winds itself around his shoe. He lifts his boot, pulling a hysterical Dwelly out.

DWELLY: What have you done?!?!

The group, taken by surprise, greet him enthusiastically in Gaelic.

ALL : Sin thu fhèin! Dè do chor?

DWELLY: It’s not time yet! [he snaps his fingers] ...Dealanach, clachan-meallain is sneachd!

DWELLY:Dealanach, clachan-meallain is sneachd! (in Gaelic: Lightning, hailstones and snow.)

All of the above happen at the same time, putting the fire out.

DWELLY: (frightening)To teach you all some respect, your next challenge will show you, what it’s really like to be an outsider.

The group look indifferent. Dwelly blows at the sculpture, covering the group in black ashes.

DWELLY: ’S e am balach Dwelly - Don’t mess with Dwelly

A rabbit hops towards Dwelly, chased by Brochan.

DWELLY: Aargh... rabbit... a flower eater!

Dwelly escapes back into a hole in the ground.

Gaelic used in this episode

Sin thu fhèin! - There you are!

Dè do chor? - How are you?

Dealanach, clachan-meallain is sneachd! - Lightning, hailstones and snow!

’S e am balach Dwelly - Don’t mess with Dwelly

The End

Come back soon to watch the next thrilling instalment of Air Splaoid!

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