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16 Dàmhair 2014
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Teacsa a-mhàin
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Fios thugainn

An toil leat an duilleag-sa?
Cuir gu caraid i!


Episode 4 : On the crest of a wave

April 2007


Our group has gathered on a beach. MELODAIDH, the enthusiast surfer, finishes putting on her wetsuit and gives MUNRO a hand with his. MORAG struggles to get her too small wetsuit on.

MELODAIDH : Okay, take your earphones off, Munro.

Munro looks at her horrified, then kisses his iPod and hands it over to SEANAIR.

MUNRO to Seanair : Don’t lose it.

He then joins MELODAIDH, who produces a tin of surfboard wax and applies some to her board.

MELODAIDH : It’s crucial to wax properly, mate. Otherwise you’ll slip right off the board when you carve into a barrel.

MUNRO Not getting the jargon : Eh? What?

MELODAIDH : Wax … stops your feet from slipping.

In the background MORAG still battles with her wetsuit.

SEANAIR : A good pair of climbing boots and you won’t have to worry about slipping.

As he stamps his foot down for emphasis, some coarse marram grass winds itself around his boot, pulling DWELLY out as SEANAIR falls.

DWELLY : Dè an uair a tha e? (What time is it?)

SEANAIR : Cairteal gu uair 12:45

DWELLY : An e Diciadain a tha ann an-diugh? (Is it Wednesday today?)

MORAG : Chan e, ’s e Dimàirt a tha ann! (No, it’s Tuesday)

DWELLY : Great!

Morag finally manages to get into her tight wetsuit. KRUUUNK! She blushes as the seams split.

DWELLY cont'd : I didn’t miss the Championship.

DWELLY jumps on Munro’s surfboard

DWELLY : I love nothing more than watching folk enjoying big waves.


DWELLY snaps his fingers and a huge wave crashes onto the beach, soaking the group. DWELLY laughs as he rides the wave on MUNRO'S board, balancing on his single foot.

DWELLY : ‘S e ‘m balach Dwelly! (Don’t mess with Dwelly!)

He suddenly slips off the wet, un-waxed board.

DWELLY cont'd : You didn’t wax your surfboard! ... He gets up, menacingly ... Next month’s challenge won’t be so wicked... it will be wicker! Wickerwork baskets!

A crab pinches DWELLY in the backside. He yelps and escapes into a hole in the sand.

Gaelic used in this episode

Dè an uair a tha e? - What time is it?

Cairteal gu uair - 12:45 / A quarter to one

An e Diciadain a tha ann an-diugh? - Is it Wednesday today?

Chan e, ’s e Dimàirt a tha ann - No, it’s Tuesday

’S e am balach Dwelly - Don’t mess with Dwelly

The End

Make sure you check back soon for the next exciting episode of Air Splaoid!

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