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Teacsa a-mhàin
365 days... 4 seasons... lots of fun... come and learn some Gaelic... Air Splaoid!  

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An toil leat an duilleag-sa?
Cuir gu caraid i!


My life so far...

Aye aye!

I'm Munro, aka "Rothach!" - that's my Gaelic pronounce it a bit like 'Rock' ... which is pretty tidy, I reckon!

Well, I'm supposed to be writing about my life here but there's not much to say about it- I've not really done much yet. It's a limited highlights package so far. Hopefully that'll change a bit this year cos I'm going to be living with Seanair for a while. (Mum and Dad are pretty messed up at the moment and it's been doing my head in).

Anyway, Seanair said he'd let me have a room with him - I can still go to school from there (tragically) and he's got loads of plans for stuff to go off and do at the weekend, which is OK by me I guess.

Reckon it'll be quite cool visiting all those wild places up north - my folks never go anywhere in Scotland (just Spain, Spain, and maybe Spain again for a change!) ....I just hope Seanair's not planning to spend too much time on the hills, I want to check out what's going on .....!

In fact, I've got it all planned. There's this thing called Highland 2007 with LOADS of stuff going on right across our fair nation... but especially in the Highlands. I've been checking out the indie music forecast and the outlook is bright!

So I'm definitely going to go to the Isle of Skye Music Festival! The Fun Lovin' Criminals played there in 2006 and I wanted to go then, but Mum said "NO-WAY" was she going to "go camping in a bog". (Typical! If I'd been old enough to go by myself, it wouldn't have been a problem.) Luckily, Grandad's not so fussy...he'll go anywhere so long as there's a mountain to climb!

Besides, he likes going to Skye cos he likes practicing his Gaelic (shame he's not all that good at it yet ... ha ha!) Actually, I wouldn't mind learning a bit of the old Gaelic myself. The ladies like a bloke who can say romantic stuff to them in another language! Actually, now I'm cringing after saying that, too .

We've met this guy (??) called Dwelly who we'll be seeing around a lot, apparently. He said he'll teach me some phrases every time we meet..... That'll be OK, just so long as I don't have to read loads of stuff - I'm much better at remembering things that I hear. Definitely no time for sitting down and swotting - too much other stuff to do!

Well that's me!

Munro Jr

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