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BBC Online: Removal of Webplay & Webguide

Thank you for your interest in our BBC Scotland Webplay and Webguide websites.

When both sites were launched in the late 1990s, the aim was to provide users with links and information on a wide variety of subjects. Since then, access to this type of content has become more and more widely available on the wider web - non-BBC websites - which often offer the most up-to-the-minute details of new sites, support groups, etc. Consequently, this led to a marked decline in interest in Webguide and Webplay and to their mothballing approximately two years ago. Both sites had effectively been overtaken by an expanding internet.

As users have grown in confidence, neither site is now seen as serving an audience need and we took the decision to archive and remove them from the web.

Alternative content

You can find information on current programming, events, news and sport via our BBC Scotland homepage.

Or, for those seeking Gaelic programming, via BBC Alba.

The Scottish Government provides a guide to education, arts, culture, business, rural issues, transport and many other topics via its website.

For traffic or travel cameras, please use this BBC Travel link.

For other webcams, please use our BBC Local sites:

The following sites also link to webcams around Scotland

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