Delivery requirements for online features

NOTE: This document relates to this commisioning brief and is subject to regular revision and refinement. It is not yet supposed to be a complete list of requirements.

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These guidelines are based on – and in the spirit of – the BBC's GEL guidelines.

Unless otherwise appropriate, all images SHOULD be 16:9, varying in width by increments of 32px. Here are some examples we've used already:-

Images at ratios 32:9, 9:16 or 1:1 MAY occasionally qualify as appropriate variants.

Photographs SHOULD almost always be JPEGs, rarely needing saved at a higher quality setting than 51 in Photoshop. GIFs and PNGs are also allowed where appropriate.

All images MUST include a descriptive ALT attribute and, usually, a caption. The original untouched images would be enormously handy for promotional purposes, too.

At present, the template isn't capable of supporting galleries. There is, however, quite a bit of flexibility over presentation with what we've got. Images at smaller sizes can be aligned so text can flow around them.

More details available at BBC Standards & Guidelines for Design & Editorial.

Audio slideshows

Our slideshows are created with the Soundslides ( application. In its default position as the dominant feature on a page, a slideshow's image size MUST be 976px x 549px. Other shapes and sizes are occasionally editorially justifiable, but MUST be agreed in advance with the commissioner.

The specific deliverables, based on the exported output from a purchased (i.e. not demo) Soundslides tool, are as follows:-

Note that although Soundslides produces many more files, those above are all we require.

Video (MPEG-4)

Container format: .mp4 or .mov (QuickTime H.264)



We do accept other video formats, so if delivering to this standard is a problem, get in touch.

Irrespective of the video requirements above, our videos are presented at a size of 640px x 360px so shooting at a ratio of 16:9 is almost always a MUST. The obvious exception to that is very old archive footage, which MAY be delivered at 4:3. Video MUST NOT contain black bars at the top and bottom; a widescreen image SHOULD be squeezed anamorphically to fit the frame size above.

A high quality, large image MUST be delivered with each video to display on the page before the video plays.


And in STEREO, please, unless the source material is only available in MONO.

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