How to make an exploding star

Scientists create tiny explosions with a powerful laser to study the properties of supernovae.


Jumping into a black hole

Professor Max Tegmark explains what would happen if you were able to jump into a black hole.

Explore the Solar System

Explore the Solar System

Explore the planets, moons and astronauts through video clips from BBC programmes and full-length radio programmes.

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  • Questions and ideas [13 topics] The Big Bang, dark matter, alien life...

    Hubble's Law Hubble's Law

    Hubble measures the Universe's expansion.

  • Sights [17 topics] Galaxies, supernovae, exoplanets...

    Stars Stars

    Fusion reactions power suns across the Universe.

  • Key places [11 topics] Milky Way, Andromeda galaxy, 51 Pegasi...

    Milky Way Milky Way

    The Sun is one of countless stars in our galaxy.

  • Scientists [17 topics] Einstein, Newton, Hubble...

    Geoffrey Marcy Geoffrey Marcy

    Marcy finds hundreds of planets orbiting distant stars.

  • Exploration [23 topics] Hubble Space Telescope, Mount Wilson...

    Planck mission Planck mission

    This satellite captured a stunning image of light from the early Universe.

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