Nothosaur (NOTH-oh-sawr) Print

A predatory reptile ahead of its time, happiest in the water but also able to haul out onto dry land.

Type: Marine reptile
Size: Up to 4m long
Diet: Carnivore
Predators: Dinosaurs
Lived: Triassic, 240-210 million years ago.

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A little bit like a crocodile, Nothosaurs had a long flat tail and short stumpy legs. Plus it had a mouth full of needle-sharp teeth. Speed and agility helped it ambush fish as well as cephalopods and small reptiles.

Although the water was its natural habitat, it came ashore to sunbathe. And like turtles nowadays, female Nothosaurs hauled themselves well above the high water mark to bury their clutch of eggs.

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