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14 October 2014
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Techno Games Interactive Showcase

Welcome to the Techno Games Interactive Showcase where you get to take a closer look at some of the TV series favourite metal heads. We've got some new additions in the updated showcase thanks to all the great inventors at this year's Techno Games 2002 robot Olympics. Interact with Bumble, Spike and Cyber Snail to discover how these amazing mechanoids work and find out what it takes to build a champion robot like Skeletron.

Cyber SnailCyber Snail in actiongo
This robot uses a gyroscope and tiny bristles to achieve its own unique movement. It might crawl at a snail's pace but the technology inside is all fast action.

Jack FlashJack Flash in actiongo
This marine machine gets its namesake from the real Jack Flash fish species. Find out how this robot pacts pure power into its own tail in order to match the strength and mobility of those real denizens of the deep.

Sister of MurphySister of Murphy in actiongo
The rope climb is one of Techno Games biggest challenges, discover how Sister of Murphy meets this no small feat using no small feet. Wicked!!

SpikeSpike in actiongo
Spike's ingenious! See how this amazing robot mimics sea urchins rolling along the ocean floor as it rocks and rolls its way to the finish line.

BumbleBumble in actiongo
Bumble is robot engineering at its very best. A perfect linking of cams, motors and legs allows this robot bug to move with lightening fast speed but with seemingly effortless motion.

Push-itPush-it in actiongo
Watch Push-It compete and discover how this solar panelled powerhouse actually works.

ScuttleScuttle in actiongo
Scuttle moves at lightning speed. See how little legs can do the big job of making it sprint to the finish line.

SkeletronSkeletron in actiongo
Skeletron has awesome strength. Watch this mega metal head climb its way to the top.

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