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14 October 2014
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Take part in a real experiment

This survey is intended to give you some idea of the different ways in which people think. It was based on the theory of Multiple Intelligences identified by Howard Gardner in 1983.

Intelligence has traditionally been measured using the Intelligence Quotient, or IQ test. An IQ test gives just one result, plotting everyone on the same scale. But people who are good at solving mathematical equations aren't necessarily good at learning languages or understanding people.

Find out more about IQ tests

Dr Gardner argued that different problems require different thinking styles. He suggested several different types of intelligence, all of which can be measured independently.

What are the different types of intelligence?

This quiz was designed by Dr Branton Shearer. Dr Shearer is conducting research into whether schools and offices are more suited to people with certain thinking styles.

Data from this quiz will be collected anonymously, and examined to see whether people with given thinking styles are happier at work, or claim to have had a more fulfilling education. The results will be compared with surveys conducted in schools and colleges.

Dr Shearer will be reporting the results of the experiment from spring 2004.

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