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17 September 2014
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Obsessions TV Programmes

Programme Two - Seeking Perfection

We all have our pastimes but for some people this becomes an obsession. We can all be concerned about the way we look, but some people take it a bit more seriously than others. Programme Two, Seeking Perfection looks at what happens when a hobby becomes an obsession and gets out of control.

Football obsession

Gary is so obsessed with his football team he hasn't missed a match in 27 years. From the age of 11 Sunderland FC has become a way of life for him. Even his wedding won't be allowed to interfere with a big match.

Theodore is a gambler. His happiness relies on a visit to the casino to play the slot machines. He has turned to medical science to tackle head on his obsession with 'lady luck'. Is there something in the way his brain works that makes him, and other people like him, unable to control the pursuit of his pleasures?

Shop until you drop

Rosemary can't stop shopping, but when her spending frenzies began to spin out of control, 32 cars and three Steinway pianos later, this led to spectacular fraud and she knew she had to seek help.


Edwin is a man with two obsessions, women's shoes and masturbation. He has over 90 pairs of shoes and spends most of his life coming to terms with aspects of his sexuality.

Jennifer is so unhappy with her own reflection that she has spent her life obsessing over other people. She will fix on another woman and start to dress identically and act the same way. Thoughts of what it would be like to be them pre-occupy her mind 24 hours a day. Desire and jealousy are only two of the emotions she must battle against. Can her obsession be stopped?

Cool cat

Cat Man's body is covered in stripes, his ears have been pointed, his lip cut, his nose fattened, whiskers implanted and his teeth pointed - all to make himself look more like a cat. Where will his obsession with his appearance end?

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