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29 October 2014
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Psychology tests

Sensation Seeking

For each question, please indicate which of the choices most describes your likes or the way you feel. When it is hard to choose, select the option that describes you best or that you dislike the least.

1. A. I like “wild” uninhibited parties
B. I prefer quiet parties with good conversation
2. A. There are some movies I enjoy seeing a second or even third time
B. I can’t stand watching a movie that I’ve seen before
3. A. I often wish I could be a mountain climber
B. I can’t understand people who risk their necks climbing mountains
4. A. I dislike all body odours
B. I like some of the earthy body smells
5. A. I get bored seeing the same old faces
B. I like the comfortable familiarity of everyday friends
6. A. I like to explore a strange city or section of town by myself, even if it means getting lost
B. I prefer a guide when I am in a place I don’t know well
7. A. I dislike people who do or say things just to shock or upset others
B. When you can predict almost everything a person will do and say he or she must be a bore
8. A. I usually don’t enjoy a movie or play where I can predict what will happen in advance
B. I don’t mind watching a movie or play where I can predict what will happen in advance
9. A. I have tried cannabis or would like to
B. I would never smoke cannabis
10. A. I would not like to try any drug which might produce strange and dangerous effects on me
B. I would like to try some of the drugs that produce hallucinations

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