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14 October 2014
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Careers Test

This questionnaire helps you think about the types of work that may give you what you want from a job.

Imagine that you are going to join a new type of organisation called MegaTech. You will not have a set role in the organisation but as projects and situations arise you will be asked which of the available tasks you would like to do. You will get the same pay (and work the same hours) regardless of which choice you make. When making these choices you shouldn't worry about whether you have the necessary abilities, just about what most appeals to you.

In each situation you should record which of the tasks you would most like to do and which you would least like to do.

Question 1 of 7

You are invited to work on the development team for the organisation's newest product. Which area would you most/least like to work in?
Most Least
a. Making sure staff have everything they need to develop the product
b. Working out how to make the product work
c. Designing the look of the product
d. Building a working model of the product
e. Teaching other staff how to make the product
f. Getting the managers and staff motivated to begin working on the product

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