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17 September 2014
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Case Studies

Case Studies

Obsessions affect different people in different ways...

Can you match the quote with the disorder before reading their personal story? Click on the drop-down menu to make a selection and then press "Go".

Edwin/Edwina Occupation:  IT administrator

"The first time high-heeled shoes excited me was when I was 7 years old."
Denis Avner Occupation:  Computer repair man

"There's an implant to flatten out the ridge of my nose and my lip was made into a cleft to give it a more cat-like appearance"

Liz Agar Occupation:  Office temp

"The thing is, it's not taking the anxiety away, because you're just stressing yourself more by destroying yourself."
Stephanie Occupation:  Housewife

"When I come to traffic lights or stop signs, I have to stare at him while I'm stationary. For fear that someone's going to take him."

Rosemary Heinen Occupation:  Former office manager

"I thought, 'I got caught, now it's over.' I don't have to worry about it anymore. I felt relief actually."
Rosemary Heinen
Howard Hughes Occupation:  Movie mogul and industrialist

"In spite of his reclusive and odd nature…he was a heroic, strange and mystical figure who was blessed with courage and cursed with loneliness."
Dore Schary, Hollywood movie producer of the 1940s

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