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17 September 2014
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Occupation: IT administrator
Disorder: Compulsive sexual behaviour

Edwina Lee relaxes at home
Edwin has an obsession that he just can't seem to get a grip on. He spends more than eight hours a day masturbating.


"I masturbate too much, and I wish I had greater control of it," he says. "My masturbation is a compulsive reaction to stress."

Edwin masturbates so much that he has now developed repetitive strain injury (RSI) in his right wrist. In the past, he has found it hard to concentrate at work because he felt compelled to masturbate at inappropriate times of the day.

High Heels

Edwin also has an obsession with wearing women's high-heeled shoes. He even wears heels with his suit on his way to work.

"The first time high-heeled shoes excited me was when I was 7 years old. One day my parents' door opened up and I saw my mum's high-heeled shoes on a rack and that's the first time I felt really excited," Edwin explains.

Edwin purchased his first pair of heeled shoes from a second hand shop but he now buys from expensive fashion boutiques. He currently boasts a collection of over 90 pairs of high-heeled shoes. His biggest are a pair of black stilettos with six-inch heels.

Edwina in crowd
Edwina amongst commuters at a train station

Women's clothes

This obsession with shoes quickly led on to another - a fascination with women's clothes. Edwin quickly progressed to being a regular cross-dresser. With hindsight, it seems that Edwin's sexual identity had been undergoing a transformation and this process has been driven by his individual obsessions.

Sex change

He has now decided that he wants to take this transformation to its conclusion. Edwin has decided to turn himself into Edwina.

Edwin's medical consultant, Dr Russell Reid, is consulting Edwin on the options for a sex change operation.

"I think her [Edwina's] transexualism is the combination of her libido - which has sort of changed direction over the years - and an obsessional character," explains Reid.

Edwin now plans to go ahead with a course of treatment to turn himself into a woman.

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