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24 September 2014
Science & Nature: TV & Radio Follow-upScience & Nature
Science & Nature: TV and Radio Follow-up

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Archive 2006

We are the Aliens
Could clouds of alien life forms sweeping through outer space infect planets with life?

What if bird flu turns into a pandemic flu that sweeps across the globe?

The Great Robot Race
Twenty robot cars cross the Nevada desert without drivers or remote controls.

Human v2.0
We are on the verge of creating a new type of human – a human v2.0.

The World's First Face Transplant
Isabelle Dinoire received the world's first face transplant.

Chimps are People Too
Danny Wallace investigates how similar chimps and people are.

Survivors Guide to Plane Crashes
How to improve your chances of surviving a plane crash.

Tutankhamun's Fireball
How a team of scientists set out to solve the mystery of chunks of ancient glass scattered in a remote part of the Sahara Desert.

Nuclear Nightmares
To what extent is nuclear power's risky reputation deserved?

We Love Cigarettes
A day in the life of the planet's favourite vice.

Bye Bye Planet Pluto
Meet the astronomers who think Pluto no longer deserves to be called a planet.

The Genius Sperm Bank
Meet the man who wanted to build a smarter generation.

The Woman who Thinks Like a Cow
Temple Grandin thinks her autism helps her understand how animals think.

Winning Gold in 2012
Horizon investigates the scientific approach to sporting success. (No summary available)

Most of Our Universe is Missing
We know what 4% of the Universe is made of. But what about the rest?

The Lost City of New Orleans
What went wrong and what can be done to rebuild New Orleans?

A War on Science
The theory of evolution is under attack from a controversial new idea called intelligent design. But is it science?

Waiting for a Heartbeat
The story of three women as they attempt to overcome the odds and give birth to a baby.

Space Tourists
Is a space tourism revolution just around the corner?

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