• AvalanchesAvalanches

    Shouting cannot cause an avalanche.

  • EarthquakesEarthquakes

    Powerful quakes strike near the Earth's plate boundaries.

  • FloodsFloods

    Floods destroy homes, take lives and spread disease.

  • Forest firesForest fires

    Despite the damage they cause, small fires can be good for forests.

  • HurricanesHurricanes

    The 1970 Bangladesh cyclone is the most deadly in recorded history.

  • LandslidesLandslides

    There was a huge landslide when Mount St Helens erupted.

  • SupervolcanoesSupervolcanoes

    Humans have never witnessed a super-eruption.

  • TornadoesTornadoes

    Tornadoes form quickly and leave trails of destruction.

  • TsunamisTsunamis

    Earthquakes can create deadly ocean waves.

  • VolcanoesVolcanoes

    Eruptions cause widespread destruction and death but are vital for our survival.