Fact Files: Homo rudolfensis: (HOM-oh ROO-doll-FENCE-iss)

Meaning: 'Rudolf Man'.

Lived: 2.4 - 1.9 million years ago.

Range: East Africa.

Diet: Omnivorous diet.

Size: M: 160cm / 60kg F: 150cm / 51kg.

Brain Size: 56% the size of a modern brain.

Male Homo rudolfensis
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Description | Evidence

Homo rudolfensis may have lived over a wide area of East Africa, from Ethiopia in the north to Malawi in the south.

They were very tall, towering above other hominids alive at the time – especially the stumpy Homo habilis. Their faces were large and flat in comparison with those of habilis, with flared cheekbones and big molar teeth.

Like Homo habilis, rudolfensis probably combined foraging with scavenging meat from animal carcasses. This may have put the two species in competition with each other.

The large body size of rudolfensis may have made it more effective at scaring away other animals from kills, turning it into an effective scavenger.

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