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20 October 2014
world war one
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Teachers Pages: Introductory Notes
Using This Site
The lesson plans and activities contained in this section are aimed at pupils in Year 9 or Year 10. It is not envisaged that schools will complete all the historical enquiries outlined below. We have attempted to provide a broad range of learning opportunities that cover the requirements of both the Key Stage 3 National Curriculum and the new GCSE specifications. This approach allows each school to tailor their own depth study which meets the needs of pupils in the classroom and is realistic in terms of the amount of curriculum time the department intends to devote to the teaching of the First World War.

Teachers can choose from a range of enquiries, each of which is presented using the same format.

Enquiry Question
Key Stage 3 (Levels 3-6): Each enquiry is based around an over-arching enquiry question. This is designed to engage pupils and form the basis for a coherent sequence of lessons that develop the knowledge, skills and understanding outlined in the Key Stage 3 National Curriculum and GCSE specifications.
Mini-Enquiry Questions
A series of mini-enquiries build up the knowledge, skills and understanding pupils need to answer the over-arching enquiry question.
The length of each enquiry varies, guidance is therefore provided on the approximate number of lessons teachers need to spend on each enquiry. This information is based on each lesson lasting between 50 and 60 minutes.
Assessment Focus
This section provides more detailed guidance on the knowledge, skills and understanding that each enquiry should develop.
Suggested Teaching Activities
These activities are designed to motivate pupils, provide for a variety of learning styles and to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding pupils need to succeed at Key Stage 3 and GCSE. Once again our aim has been to allow for flexibility. A range of activities are provided and teachers will need to select which tasks are most appropriate for a particular group of pupils.
Extension Tasks
These tasks can be used to extend higher ability pupils in the classroom or as a series of homework tasks that enhance and reinforce the learning that has taken place within the classroom.
Each enquiry is fully supported by the resource material contained on this web-site. This section provides advice on which resources teachers should use to accompany specific enquiries. Pupils will be able to use a wide range of resources to help them investigate each enquiry question. These include: diaries, visual sources, survivor accounts, simulation games, articles and interactive timelines.
Points to Note
This section highlights links to other curriculum areas. These include literacy, numeracy, citizenship and ICT. This should help schools identify the important contribution history can make to developing these key areas of the curriculum.
Activity Sheets
These are designed for direct use within the classroom. Each enquiry has been designed to be fully accessible to the whole ability range. Extension tasks are provided to fully challenge higher ability pupils and clear guidance is provided to help lower ability pupils succeed at extended writing tasks.
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