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20 October 2014
world war one
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Enquiry 6: Activity Sheet
Activity A
  1. The war at sea was not very important. Relatively little fighting took place between warships.
  2. The British blockade of German ports stopped crucial supplies reaching Germany. This was a very significant factor in the Allied victory over Germany. Just as important as any military victory.
  3. Use the information contained in The War in the Air and at Sea article to help you decide which statement is the most accurate?
Activity B
Read The War in the Air and at Sea article
  • What changes took place in the way that the war in the air was fought between 1914 and 1918?
  • Were airships more important that aeroplanes during the first World War?
Activity C
Was the war on the land, in the air or at sea the most crucial factor in the defeat of Germany.

Work in groups of three, each person taking one factor. Each write a paragraph supporting the argument that your given factor was the most significant in determining the outcome of the war.

Read out your paragraphs and discuss which argument is the most convincing. Work together to write a concluding paragraph.

Extension Activity
Produce a report for the government outlining the advantages and disadvantages of using
    (i) aeroplanes and
    (ii) airships
to fight the war in the air.
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