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20 October 2014
world war one
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Read and listen to stories of the War from the people who lived it. Explore diaries, letters, scrapbooks, newspaper cuttings, photos and keepsakes.
Go to the Observer page
A mystery woman's journal charts the events that led to war and 'August madness'.
Go to the Soldier page
Letters from a heroic doctor tell of the horrors of the Western Front.
Go to the Sister page
Letters to America from a devoted sister describe life on the Home Front.
Go to the Survivor page
An ex-prisoner of war writes about the ups and downs of coming home to Britain.
Expand your subject knowledge. This site is aimed at KS3, GCSE & S3-4.
Do some hardcore studying. Dig deeper with 'You Decide' focus questions and produce your own essay outline for exam and coursework practice.
Decide battle strategy and explore war technology in 'Trench Warfare'. Quiz yourself on dates in 'World War When?'
Examine the progress of the War and customise your view to get to grips with chronology.
War Poetry
Be inspired by animations of World War One poetry.
World War One Chat
Chat history on the World War One messageboards.
BBC Links
BBC History: World War One
BBC History: World War One
New articles and resources from BBC History to mark the centenary.
GCSE Bitesize: World War One
GCSE Bitesise: World War One
World War One revision resources from GCSE Bitesize.
GCSE: World War One clips
GCSE: World War One clips
GCSE video clips about World War One.
More World War One links
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