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20 October 2014
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Words and Pictures on TV

Words and Pictures

Age 5 - 7
Key Stage 1
Scotland 5 - 14A

Presenter Michael Hobbs introduces an entertaining mix of stories, songs and animation designed to engage children's attention and make learning about sounds fun. The series features a stimulating 'I Spy' game and a wide range of new and traditional stories, set both in the studio and out on location. The programmes
- introduce one new sound per programme.
- use text on screen to encourage interactive, whole-class reading.
- demonstrate clear letter formation with the popular Magic Pencil.

National Curriculum/ Scotland 5-14 Link
Key stage 1/5 -14 level a Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing, the series supports the current literacy initiatives. Programmes encourage children to listen attentively, enjoy a variety of story styles and form letters clearly.

Suggestions for Use the programmes develop phonic and letter knowledge through gradual introduction of new sounds. Stories and games are chosen to encourage interaction, and opportunities for guided handwriting practice are provided.

Words and Pictures Plus

Age 5 - 7
Key Stage 1
Scotland 5 - 14A

Jim is the colourful, animated character who's brought a lively approach to phonics teaching in classrooms throughout the UK. Jim can s-t-r-e-t-c-h words, break them into individual sounds, and can help your children do the same.

National Curriculum Links
The series encompasses the requirements of the National Literacy Strategy in England and caters for the curriculum requirements of viewers in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. For viewers following the National Literacy Strategy, this term's programmes cover the objectives for Year 1 Term 3.

Suggestions for use
Because the new programme structure incorporates both text level and word level activities, the programmes can be used either during the Literacy Hour or as supplementary material to complement other literacy work.

Words and Pictures Phonics Special

Age 5 - 7
Key Stage 1
Scotland 5 - 14A

Ten programmes, closely linked to the 'Words and Pictures' series, that place a special emphasis on developing children's awareness of long vowel phonemes, and the way these are used in reading and writing. The programmes
- meet the requirements of current literacy initiatives
- develop phonic knowledge and explore strategies for use
- tackle the teaching of long vowel sounds
- use familiar Words and Pictures devices, including the Magic Pencil
- explore alphabetical order and the use of dictionaries

National Curriculum/ Scotland 5-14 Link
This special unit encourages children to develop their phonic knowledge and to explore strategies for use in reading and writing. It provides extensive experience of children's literature, and supports the development of clear, correctly shaped letters.

Suggestions for use
Words and Pictures Phonics Special builds on the content of Words and Pictures, incorporating colourful graphics, plenty of text on screen and documentary sequences. The series supports the current focus on literacy by presenting a range of stories, poems, songs and animation which have been carefully chosen to engage and extend children's knowledge of sounds and words to support the teaching of reading and writing.

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